Alba Uno®

Functional diagram


Alba Uno®

Alba Uno® System of Cadoppi is aimed to satisfy the basic needs and requirements for electricity provisions by means of renewable energy sources. Home basic lighting and at the same time feeding a small pump for garden water distribution is provided through the system by means of two (2) schuko sockets located on the front panel, which can be alternatively selected and provide through a special command-pole the required electric energy.

Alba Uno® draws its energy from the sun through specific photovoltaic solar panels that are then addrssed to our on board inverter that automatically selects priorities to our storage system rather than directly towards the electric lighting device.

A monitoring system thus obtaining the maximum performances from the photovoltaic panels is placed within our inverter (MPPT) and together with the various batteries for energy storage and the solar power inverter, all are located in a versatile metal control cabinet allowing simple access and easy maintenance of the entire system.