Equipment Alba System®

1. 4 20mA / 10V pressure and humidity analogical sensorsINVERTER
2. 4 electrode level control sensor 20Kohm/cm @ 25C
3. 4 touch flow control sensor (optoshielded inputs)
4. 2 independent inverter ON-OFF + SCI NRZ
There are 2 inverters and you can program them in a completely autonomous and indipendent way. Their activation has been set in order to combine logic inputs, battery voltage, the state of the inverters themselves as well as the findings of the scheduler, using programmable preset thresholds and delays. Likewise analog controls of the output frequency according to a set pressure level have been planned.5. 1 GSM module interface RS232C plus power control.

5. 1 GSM module interface RS232C plus power control
6. Anti-lock programmable functionACCUMULATORE
7. Auto-resetting alarms
8. Fixed technician password
9. Emergency “STOP” button (inverters are stopped), manual restart via menu

A. Real Timer with error correction
B. Scheduler with minute resolution based upon DOW (MM;hh;mm)
C. LED night display with stand by function
D. Output for genset / grid



  • Constant survey via installed modem
  • GSM survey system
  • UPS back up for emergency needs or black out
  • Stand Alone – Off Grid function
  • Available power from 100 up to 6000 watt (1200 watt upon demand)SENSORE3
  • Compatible with 110V or 220-240V single phase – 50 Hz (60Hz upon request) and 380V-440V three phase – 50Hz (60Hz upon request)
  • Compliance to EC electrical safety regulations
  • IP 54 protection parameter



A. 240 watt polycristalline PV solar panelsSENSORE2
B. 24/48V voltage Green battery storage systems– 100Ah capacity (typ)
C. 100m – electric cable rolls
D. Remote control modem
E. PV panels
F. Mt 10 float switch (only version Pumps)
G. Pressure sensors (only version Pumps)
H. Humidity sensors (only version Pumps)
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