Li-FePO4 Batteries

LTV-110SCadoppi has always been closely focused on Lithium battery developments, providing its business partners with the very best, flexible and environment-friendly technologies.
Previous types of Lithium batteries have however been distinguished by modest discharge performance, limited life span and poor operating safety. New Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology permits overcoming these limits and replacing lead batteries with big benefits in terms of weight, overall dimensions, life span and self-discharge.


  • Capacity 2.4 times greater than lead batteries
  • 2.9 times lower weight
  • Linear discharge curve up to 85% of nominal capacity
  • Up to 3000 cycles of use, using within 70% of DOD (initial capacity)
  • Safe to use, PVC covered. No electrolyte leaks, environment friendly
  • Low toxicity and free of heavy metals
  • Non explosive, does not produce fumes, does not catch fire in case of incorrect use
  • CE-SGS-ROHS certificate
  • Much higher life span (7 years) compared to lead technology
  • Discharge current higher than lead batteries of same capacity
  • Low self-discharge (3% per month)
  • Ample operating temperature range
  • Maintenance free


  • Light and heavy vehicles
  • Navigation and pleasure boating
  • UPS
  • Domestic power plants
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery


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