How does our Alba System® work


The main cabinet holds energy collected by the sun through PV solar panels or by installation of a micro wind turbine which is then converted from DC to AC for any electric power supply.

The system can provide directly the collected green energy or get it stored into batteries that shall release electric energy upon request.

Alba System® allows any single phase (230V) or three phase (400V) device to get powered instantly upon request. You have now available unlimited free energy that relies only on sun and wind. Alba System® is also expandable and can drive up to four inverters at the same time. The complete system can be connected On-Grid either be installed as a stand alone device (Off-Grid).


How does our Alba System® work


Alba System® has been particularly developed to fully satisfy any requirement for water distribution:

  • Alba System® control board (SKB11) specifically developed by Cadoppi engineering can drive at the same time up to four different pumps. An auxiliary port is also available and works under the same criteria adopted for the 4 pumps.
  • The same main board (SKB11) constantly checks pump working conditions via GSM either analogic modem.
  • Water pumps are driven according to four different type of sensors that constantly control the efficiency of the complete system:
  • All inverters have proved to be highly efficient and provide sinusoidal output voltage with low harmonic distortion
  • The control box is equipped with a backlid LED monitor. This allows the display of main setting information from the main menu.

All this makes the Alba System® an extremely versatile and unique free green energy electric power plant for irrigation, green houses, pumping stations, water storage, water drainage, water distribution, gardening.